Little Project

 To less production in creation

The way to avoid environmental catastrophe is to put an end to wealth, not poverty.

For this reason, I want to earn and spend less money, not more. We can use our imagination to

live well on less each year. By growing our own food, creating networks of social support,

resisting consumerism and materialism, and taking more responsibility for our own lives.

Then we can less pressure on the world resources. I believe we as markets or designers  need to

produce less and sell less to begin with. What is about good design now? We already have

enough products to survive our life times, if we can use our imagination and some initiation to

reuse and reduce production and energy waste.


I left my sculpture studio in Sweden and moved to Northern city in Thailand 2010.There are many

remarkable resources here around in Northern city "Chiang Mai", both recyclable materials which are

hilltribe`s costumes and  local natural materials which are cotton, linen and hemp. January 2011,

I started to make binder notebooks which are made for recycled paper with one blank side,reducing

energy used in manufactured recycling. These binder note book`s cover materials are linen, cotton and

hemp that local hill tribes sell to us to earn a living. And hill tribe`s embroidery and patchwork of note,

as a masterpiece.  Now I challenge to balance creation with culture and resources from local to world.

All is hand-made with love + life. Our small steps will be a big step to change this society to be more

balanced in terms of who we are , and what we are.  Less gap between rich and poor &  society and

nature. Let`s join us to try to live on less and enjoy our life more!  You can meet our products at Café Din

Dee in Chiang Mai, Thailand now.  And if you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us.


Sketch Book          AKHA Embroidery         Materials

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