Women`s key


Material: bronze,iron, a dead branch, plastic parls, cotton laces  / 2009


- In the Viking Era,married women had an exalted, respected position in society. Upon marriage, the woman became the key bearer, responsible for the family’s treasures, and she wore the household’s keys on her dress as a symbol of her power. The keys hung in a highly visible location from her tool clasp, worn outside her clothes, or on a metal chain, a textile band, or a cord from one of her beautiful brooches.

Viking women and men were equals in body and spirit. Women were independent and self-assured, and of equal worth as men.

Where are we now? What are we now? Men or women, marride or unmarride?

Everybody holds own keys for doors in your life. Everybody has a power for your own life.  If you find a door that you are curious to open it, don`t be hesitate to open it! You already have a perfect matchs key for the door.

Can not find the key?

Then go back to your home and check the key box, it might be there. As you grown up, you do not need to leave back your key at home.  Just take it with you and go out.

When you are tired with your position, you can take off your beautiful jewelies, ties, business cards and watches on the board.  But  you always wear your keys  on you.  Open your own rooms door and feel yourself and just be yourself.

That`s the key.