”Hejdå GMO” means “Goodbye GMOs” and the web address ”hejdagmo” means “Stop GMOs”

. Organic farmers, biodynamic farmers,small scale family farmers, the Slow Food movement,cooks,

food writers, consumers, environmental activistsand of course mothers and fathers are all involved.

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I like to eat something safety & tasty & not too spicy. Din Dee serves seasonal vegetables and non-MSG

meals at Hand-made cozy Adobe House. "Din Dee" means good soil.  As good soil grows beautiful forest,

good food brings up our good mind, healthy body and good connection with people. My meeting point.

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Everyday I drink a cup of coffee at least. So I prefer to drink high quality coffee which is organic & local.

Akha Ama coffee gives me pure energy & motivation to keep being creative.

Since "Ama" means mother , I can lean a lot from Akha Ama coffee.

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Organic farm and seed saving center, here I could learn very importnat things in our life. 

I like the way they try things and learn from the nature and eachother.

Their vegetarian restaurant in the ciy serves amazing food and often artistic! And

also their Café in the farm and the city is remarkable...

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