Mellanrum Project


What is art? Of course the definition is depends on you. For me, art is a communication. Communication with my-self and with another. Language  is not the only means of communicaiton. Especially if I want to communicate with my-self, the language doesn`t help much.  On the other hand, art, it  translats my feeling into my thoughts with a hlep of  simple language. Visuals and music can easily reach your deep inside. Because they go through among your thoughts.  Between your thought and thought, there is an opening space.

An opening  = "mellanrum" in Swedish. It feels perfect to use the word in Swedish for this project, becuase it means "between room" if I translate the word literally - word - for - word.  And in Japanese, an opening = 隙間/透き間 (sukima). The word has some meanings, - a space between thing and thing. - spare time. - good timing or chance to get. - carelessness. It is very fun to find a perfect word which is following your feeling. Then I choose mellanrum or sukima for this project.

Since I see an art as a communication`s tool, I rarely go to fancy museums or minimaristic galleries. There is an art everywhere! It slips into your mellanrum perhaps when you have a chat with your frined over a cup of coffee at Café, perhaps when you take a walk with your dog or music in the park, or perhaps when you have time on your hands, without the knowledge of the guards "thoughts".



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